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Why I Love Location Independence

My friend interviewed me this week for her new e-book that she is releasing soon about location independent careers! Here were my responses to the interview about the freedom of location that coaching has given me!

Short Bio:
My name is Aleena Rooyakker and I’m an online health and fitness coach!  I run a relationship marketing business helping people all across the country make healthy lifestyle changes!  I get to chat with others about their fitness goals, match them up with a workout program and meal plan that is best suited for them and what they are looking to accomplish, and then I provide them with the support and accountability they need to be successful!  I also help other women launch and grow their own successful online coaching businesses!  You can learn more me about what coaching is all about at!  

1) What was your main motivation for pursuing location independence?  I chose my path with online health and fitness coaching not only for the freedom of time and money that it could provide for our family, but also for the location independence factor.
My husband and I have immediate family members sprinkled all across the US and three children from Ethiopia, so traveling to spend time with the people we love is a key priority for us.  Within the structure of a traditional job, however, vacation time is limited so I was motivated to create an opportunity for myself where I could travel for any given amount of time throughout the year without requesting time off or losing income!  I’m not tied to a desk or an office, so I can literally work anywhere in the world with a wifi that’s freedom!  

2) Describe what a typical workday looks like for you.  How many hours a week do you work, on average?I’m a total schedule girl!  If it’s not on my calendar, it’s probably not happening and having a strict daily routine has definitely been crucial to growing my business!  

Monday through Friday my alarm clock rings bright and early at 4:30am and I get dressed and head to my basement to get my workout in first thing in the morning!  I love that exercising is actually a business building activity for me now because it definitely makes me more motivated to make it happen!  Showering and getting ready for the day happens next, but I also pair this time with Personal Development which gives me a good hour to listen to a podcast and feed my mind with great information to kick-start my day!  From 6:30 am to noon is when I work my business and this time is split between conference calls with my coaches, developing team trainings, creating content, posting on my blog and social media, running my online accountability groups, and growing my network.  Depending on the day, I will often spend more time in the afternoon working on additional projects for my business as well, and two nights a week I have an hour blocked off in the evening for team calls.  On average, I’m spending between 5-6 hours per day growing my business.

This is how my business operates today now that coaching is my full-time career!  However, when I was working a full-time day job and side hustling to get my business off the ground, my schedule was obviously quite different than it is now!  In the beginning, I would wake up early and put in an hour and half of work before I left the house for my job, and then I’d work my business during my breaks and lunch hour throughout the day.  When I got home, I was having dinner and spending a little time with my husband and then I would stay up late and grind out another 2-3 hours of work before bed!  It was exhausting, but now that I have the freedom to create my own hours, I can look back on that experience and tell you that every bit of sacrifice was totally worth it!  

3) How long did it take before you earned your first dollar? Before you felt financially stable?  I earned my very first dollar in my business the first week I got started as a coach!  I remember it being so exciting because I was working on my own terms right from home and it was my first glimpse of hope that I could really make this online business work for me!  At that point, being a brand new coach, I had a lot of doubts in myself and what I could accomplish so seeing that immediate paycheck, even though it was so small, was super encouraging!  

It took a solid year before I felt financially stable enough to quit my full-time job and make fitness coaching my only source of income!  In the beginning, I was putting in so much time and effort with such little reward, but I knew if I was consistent and kept with it that it would pay off...and it did! 

4) What's one unexpected thing you've learned while pursuing a location independent lifestyle?I am both totally amazed and equally saddened by how many people want the freedom that this lifestyle brings but they are too afraid of what people will think of them or that they won’t be successful to actually give themselves a chance as an entrepreneur!  Anyone can do this!  I see fear holding people back every single day, and it’s typically disguised as some kind of excuse such as “I just don’t have time for something like that” or “I could never do what they do.”  Everything you want is on the other side fear, so get out there and create the life you dream of!

5) If someone wanted to follow a path similar to yours, what are some of the first steps they could take to get started today?My biggest piece of advice is to just GO FOR IT!  There is no better time to start than right now! Every expert was once a beginner, so don’t question yourself and your abilities--you can do this!  If you have a desire in your heart for something more and a passion to live a healthy lifestyle, online health and fitness coaching is your avenue to success!

One of my greatest passions in the work that I do is helping other women pursue the freedoms that I have found by helping them launch and grow their own online coaching businesses!  If online health and fitness coaching is something that interests you, I urge you to take the leap and chat with me today by filling out this short connection form HERE.  

6) Any final pieces of advice? (optional): As I reflect on how this business has changed my life, I can tell you that being location independent is a total game-changer and absolutely one of the greatest blessings that coaching has given me!  

Just to give you an example, life threw a lot my way at the beginning of this year (death in the family, another family member who was very sick, a couple of vacations, etc), and within just a five month period between January and May I had taken six weeks of “vacation time” away from home!  I live in Wisconsin but during that time I was in Washington State, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Minnesota, Florida, Bahamas, and Jamaica! Never once did I have to stress or worry about having someone cover me at work, or losing income, or asking a boss for more time off!  Being my own boss and being able to work from anywhere allowed me to be there for my family when they needed me most, enjoy some international travel with my spouse, and make a living all at the same time!  

It’s a FREEDOM worth working hard for, I can promise you that!

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