Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Home Workout Transformation

“No thank you, those home workouts don’t really work.”

Wait, WHAT did she just say?!

Okay....if I’m being honest, those were MY OWN words when I first came across an opportunity to purchase a home workout program!!! I’m a bit embarrassed, I must admit...but I did NOT believe in “this” kind of thing!

I was use to spending an 1.5+ hours at the gym each day without even getting great results. 30 minutes? In my basement? You’re kidding, right?? I thought this was the biggest load of crap!

And then I started seeing transformation, after transformation, after transformation, after transformation of people legitimately getting FIT right at home. And since I actually knew some of the people whose before and after photos I started seeing, I knew this was the real deal and not just a bunch of photo-shopped results! Slowly my eyes were opened to what eventually changed my whole life!

Before I started my first at home workout program, I was:
*clueless about good nutrition
*addicted to food
*chronically tired

After doing a lot of research and deciding that maybe I was wrong afterall, and that maybe these “at home workout programs” were worth trying out, I finally said yes and committed to making a change for myself. I was sick and tired of always being sick and tired--I was ready to get healthy!

My first program came with a meal plan that taught me which types of foods I should be eating every day to reach my goals, and I started to really focus on and dial in my nutrition. And I was busy, but I knew that ANYONE could make a half an hour available in their day to exercise. And so I did. One day at a time. One exercise at a time. Take a look at my picture below and you tell me…did it work?!

Once I got past my preconceived ideas about working out at home, I was able to:
*gain incredible confidence
*get in the best shape of my life
*find my motivation
*overcome my food addiction
*gain energy and strength

It’s not that I couldn’t get these same results at the gym, it’s that I didn’t have the SUPPORT that I needed when I was doing my workouts on own that thwarted my efforts. What I’ve found is that accountability is the KEY FACTOR in sticking to any kind of workout/meal’s the difference between calling it quits when things get hard and pushing through with no excuses until you find your results!

And that’s exactly what I provide for the people I work with! Not only do you get the home workout program and nutrition guide, but you have ME as your accountability coach to keep you on track and make sure that you actually achieve all of those big goals that you have!!

I could truly show you a thousand before and after photos of people who have rocked out their results using our programs in their own living rooms at home, but I’d MUCH RATHER show you YOUR OWN transformation!! 

Oh! And how could I forget to mention that you can take these workouts with you anywhere you go...we rocked out a couple of these workouts on the beach in Florida this past weekend! Making fitness FUN is so important!!

Did YOU use to be a skeptic of home workouts like I was?!


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