Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Is Hello Fresh a Good Investment?

Received my very first box of Hello Fresh today!!  

All of the food arrives together in one big, 

insulated box like this!

Pretty cool how they also included the ingredient list of everything included right here on the side of the box!

Everything is super organized!  They had a welcome packet, a little book with each of my recipe cards, and 3 boxes of ingredients (one box per recipe)!

Big ice packs help keep the food cold 

while it ships to your house!

There are 3 options when you sign up: The Classic, The Vegetarian, and The Family box.  I selected the vegetarian box for this shipment and this week the recipes I got were: Rigatoni Al Forno, Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl, and Sweet Potato Nicoise Salad!  

This shows you how all of the ingredients are packed!  They give you the exact measurements of what you need so that everything is simple, healthy, and super convenient!  This is especially great when you're using "specialty" type ingredients that you don't use often because nothing goes to waste!  You use everything you are given!  The ingredients below are for the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad :)

Each of the recipes come together in a little book that you can save so that you can recreate these meals again another time!

The recipes walk you through step-by-step instructions that include pictures! They make it super simple for even the most "beginner" cooks!

Ingredients for my Sweet Potato Salad!

And for the Rigatoni Al Forno!

I jumped right in and prepared my first meal!  I decided to start with the Rigatoni--below is the eggplant that I cut up, ready to go in the oven!

Start to finish this recipe took me about 30 minutes! 

Soo...I'm following the 21 Day Fix meal plan, can I still eat this?!  Yes, I will definitely be indulging!  This is 100% homemade with healthy ingredients!  When I make this on my own next time, however, I will certainly substitute whole-wheat pasta noodles and homemade whole-wheat bread crumbs.  The biggest factor here is just going to be portion control!

I got out my yellow container and measured out 2 portions of the pasta (for me, I try to stick to 2 servings of carbs per day, following the 21 Day Fix plan).    

Ready to know what COMPLETELY SHOCKED me about my Hello Fresh order???  I was concerned about the price and whether or not it was going to be worth the money or not!  I ordered the smallest box, which was 3 meals, each for 2 people.  See the pasta photo above?  Look at how much was left after I plated my lunch today!! I continued to portion out what was left to put in the refrigerator for the rest of the week, and I seriously got FIVE meals out of this!!!  This one recipe was supposedly 2 servings, but if you're like me and you're following a healthy, portion-controlled meal plan, you will get WAY more than they say you are getting for what you pay!!  

Now, not only do I have lunch for the rest of the week ahead, but I still have two more boxes of deliciousness to prepare as well!!  If the other two recipes portion out the same way, this one small order of Hello Fresh will have given me 15 meals!!!

I should also mention how TASTY the Rigatoni Al Forno turned out!!  It included eggplant, garlic, onion, basil, fresh Mozzarella, tomatoes, Parmesan and bread crumbs!  It truly did taste so FRESH, I'm already looking forward to lunch tomorrow!!

So will I order Hello Fresh weekly?  No, I won't.  Believe it or not I actually love to grocery shop and this really isn't the most budget-savvy way to go, even though you get WAY WAY more than I expected for what you pay and I do think it's a good deal for the service that's provided!!  However, I will most certainly be ordering these on occasion when I know I have a busy week ahead or when we plan to have guests over!!  

Hello Fresh is coming highly recommended from me--I've loved every bit of this experience so far!  Can't wait to hear about your own experiences if you give this a try at home!

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