Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fun Home Workout Challenges

Looking for a fun way to get some exercise from home?!  Try these unique workout circuits below and get your sweat on!!

Have a penny or a quarter in your pocket?!  

Pull it out and get to work!! 

Let's hope your name isn't as long as mine!!  LOL

Like card games?!  This one will give you a good workout!

Ready to feel the BURN?!

12 Days of Christmas!!  

Do 3 sets of these!

Roll the Dice 25 times!  

You will do 10 sets of each exercise!

GAME DAY!!  No excuses for not getting your 

workout in when you can exercise during the game!!

Pick your category and work your 

way from the top to the bottom!

Another fun card game!

It's always fun to switch things up and add a little variety into our workouts, right?!  Tell me which one of these workouts is your favorite once you've tried them!


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