Monday, April 4, 2016

The Dawning of the New Age of Women

Body image is something that has plagued our minds from the time we hit puberty, forcing us to believe that there’s some mold out there that we weren’t fortunate enough to fit into. If we didn’t feel too fat, we felt too skinny; if our boobs weren’t big enough we were ashamed, and those of you who had big boobs were embarrassed by the betrayal of gravity during PE class. Once adulthood hit, nothing really changed. For women who have carried a baby or two, many lose hope that they can reclaim a body that they are proud of. Or maybe you’re one of those women who is eager to gain weight, but haven’t been successful no matter how many carbs you’ve consumed. Whatever the case may be, how you feel about your body is a mindset-it’s directly associated with the factors around you, but the great part about it is that it isn’t permanent.
Whether you’re petite or voluptuous, short or tall, the journey to a healthier you is not solely a physical challenge, but a mental one as well. Learning to love yourself as you are may come as a challenge to some of us because there are so many outside factors encouraging us to change ourselves- waist cinchers, false eyelashes, contouring, Spanx, etc. While these tools are good for enhancement, they should not be used as a crutch in order to feel better about ourselves. The dawning of the new age of women is an ode to everything that we are and exuding confidence, even when our “flaws” are exposed. Maintaining a healthy perspective about our natural selves is what sets us up for a successful and happy future, and allows us to pass this mindset on to our next generation of women.

Will you join the movement?

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