Thursday, September 3, 2015

Jesus Paid it All...The Legalities of Adoption

It's been a rough couple of days in the Rooyakker home, but with the trials have also come a deeper understanding for which I am so grateful.

As I have questioned God regarding all of the red tape we have had to get through with this adoption, He has given me a new perspective on our situation.  He has allowed me to see this adoption in a completely new light.  Let me first give you the details of the week and then I'll share what I have learned from all of this!

A couple of days ago we received word that our homestudy (a detailed written report of our family that was compiled and prepared by a social worker), was not approved by the US government.  What we have since learned is that a new law was put into place in July 2014 (shortly after we submitted our original homestudy) that requires all international adoption cases to have a Hague-compliant homestudy (which ours was not), regardless of whether or not the country in play has joined the Hague Adoption Convention.

The Hague Adoption Convention is an agreement that ensures adoptions are happening in the best interest of the children being placed with families.  I am all for this and I agree 100% with the intentions of the Hague agreement.  To learn more about this, check out this website:

What is upsetting, is that even though Ethiopia is not yet a part of the Hague Convention, under this new law we are required to have a Hague-accredited homestudy and this was never communicated to us.  We even had our social worker out to our house a couple of months ago, paid a bunch more money, they conducted a homestudy update, and again, this was never once mentioned.  Had either of our two agencies been paying attention to our case, we would have had over a year to take care of this and make the necessary changes, but instead we are just now being informed of this by USCIS and now there is a delay in our adoption process while we wait for all of this to be sorted out.

That is the drama that has filled up my week.  That is the frustration.  That is the trial.

Thankfully that is not the end of the story.

God has revealed Himself to me in mighty ways this week through all of this chaos.  What He has shown me through the scripture is that God has been in our shoes, He has been through the adoption process when He adopted us as His sons and daughters, and He, too, had to deal with the legal realities of adoption.  God had to pay SO MUCH more for His children than we ever will.  The blood of Jesus was the legal requirement in order to satisfy God's own law of punishment for our sins that stood in the way of our adoption into His family.  Talk about a MAJOR roadblock!

Through this lens of new understanding, suddenly no amount of money we have paid or legal hoops we have had to jump through seem like much of anything at all.  The trials we face in the adoption process do not even come close to comparing to the sacrifices made on the cross.

I am so thankful to serve such a loving God. A God who is so faithful to open my eyes to the bigger picture when I get lost in my own little world. Jesus paid it all.  What an incredible story of redemption.





  1. Hello! I came across your story by chance on Go Fund Me. My husband and I live in the same area as you and are also currently adopting from Ethiopia. We will keep you in our prayers :)

  2. Veronica this is amazing!! I'd love to meet you in person--it is so wonderful to connect with other families who are also on this journey with us! I will email you :)