Monday, June 15, 2015

Adoption Story--We Accepted a Referral!!!

This past month, all of my time, energy, focus, thoughts, and dreams have been about one thing and one thing only…our adoption story. After a year and a half of pursing adoption and dreaming daily about who our children would be, we finally know! You may recall that our original plan was to adopt two children under 4 years old. Well, God had a much greater plan in store for us—the perfect plan! Patrick and I are being blessed with three of the most precious biological siblings—two girls and a boy—ages 3-9! We are unable to share much online at this time, but I simply couldn’t wait to share the news with all of you who have been following our adoption, praying for us, and who have joined us in this incredible journey!


To be completely honest I don’t even know how to put my feelings into words right now. I have never felt more confident, blessed, excited, or happy in my entire life. My heart feels so full that I think it could just pop right out of my chest. I look at our children’s sweet, joyful pictures a thousand times a day and I have somehow instantly become one of those people who cry about everything—LOL. Seriously though, I start crying when I see their photos, when I think about their past, when I mailed off their first care packages, when I went to talk to their school, when I think about their birth parents, as we prepare their bedrooms, as we shop for their clothes…I mean, I’m an emotional wreck over here (shoot…I’ve got tears running down my face as I write this!)!

IMG_6528 These are the start to our first care packages we sent the kids. We sent two outfits each, toys, toothbrushes, photo books so they can see who their new mommy and daddy are and the house they will be living in, sunglasses, ring-pops, and more!  You wouldn't believe how much I squeezed into those little backpacks :)

Don’t get me wrong, we certainly know there will be many challenges ahead for our family, and we are preparing the best that we can for all of the unknowns that lie ahead. As I look back on everything that has led us to where we are today, I truly believe this is something God has prepared us for over the course of our entire lives—I know without a shadow of doubt that raising these beautiful children is our purpose and I feel truly honored to get to be their mom.

I have two daughters and a son in Ethiopia right now!!! Ahhhhhhhhh :) I can't even believe this is really happening!

So you’re probably wondering when we get to bring them home! Unfortunately the process from here is still quite long. We are hoping to fly to Ethiopia for our first trip around November to meet the kids, go through court, and legally adopt. Once that happens, we have to wait for their exit visas to be issued, which can take another couple of months. Hopefully we will have them home with us by January! This timeline is only an estimate based on time-frames of other families who have finalized their adoptions recently with our agency. We will certainly continue to pray for a faster process—we just cant wait to meet and love on these kiddos!

I know my adoption blog has been very inconsistent with only a few posts here and there. However, this month is when things started to get really exciting so I am sure that I will have a lot more to share with you over the coming months! Thanks to all of you—friends and family—for being the best support system we could ever ask for!


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