Sunday, May 24, 2015

Guess What? You actually DO have time to workout!

“I’m so busy, I just don’t have time to workout.” This is something I hear ALL THE TIME from people who want to better their health and fitness, but feel they don’t have enough hours in their day to squeeze in a little exercise.


I will be the first to admit that I’ve been there. Those three limiting words, “I’m too busy”, use to flow from my mouth way too often as an excuse for my lack of fitness. This is a dangerous mindset that is plaguing our society and it’s something we need to recognize and take control over! WE DECIDE what we do with our time.


Being busy is no justification; it’s our reality. We all have the same 24 hours in a day to be divided between work, family, sleep, responsibilities, commitments, etc. The ways in which we maximize and prioritize our time on a daily basis ultimately determine the direction in which we take our life. And let’s be honest, investing in your health and fitness will allow you to be a better spouse, parent, employee, and friend. If your wellbeing is truly important to you, you will make the time in your crazy busy day to fit in a little exercise!


So just remember, it is simply a CHOICE. You decide to pursue being healthy as a part of your busy days, or you decide not to. If you are committing to saying YES to a healthier you, then here are five ways to help you squeeze in those workouts:

  1. Get it on the Calendar! Whether you use an old school paper planner, a simple wall calendar, or an online time management system to schedule your day, make sure to plug in a time to workout. This doesn’t mean you have to carve out an hour or two to hit the gym, everyone can find at least 30 minutes to work up a sweat (yes, everyone!). So, write it down on your calendar and follow through with the commitment! Your time is so valuable, so when you take the time to prioritize and make a schedule for yourself, it is imperative that you stick to your plan!

  1. Learn to Master the Art of Multi-Tasking! Do you have phone calls to make or a conference call to listen in on? Plug in your headphones and head out for a walk! Need to get some reading or some studying done? You can do that while you jog on the treadmill or elliptical or do a little stationary biking! Will these be your most effective workouts? No, they probably won’t be. However, this is a great way to get your heart rate up a little and sneak in some exercise on the most chaotic days when everything on your to-do list seems to be a top-priority and there isn’t much of a margin to cut out half an hour solely for working out. Don’t get me wrong, this should never become your main source of daily exercise, but it’s good in pinch and it’s a great added bonus to burn some extra calories in addition to a focused workout as well! Being able to multi-task in an efficient way is one of the reasons I love home-workouts such as 21 Day Fix and PiYo.   These short workouts allow me to do chores at home like the laundry while also doing a quick, intense, and focused workout (I can pause for a minute as needed to switch the laundry or whatever needs to be done!). I’m able to kill two birds with one stone with my at-home fitness DVDs!

  1. Put a Little Skin in the Game! Invest in a fitness program, race, club membership, or some type of class. By investing money into your fitness goals, you are more likely to follow through and make time for your workouts. It’s fun to have something to work towards as well such as a half-marathon if you’re a runner or maybe paying to compete in a bikini competition! Another way to invest in your fitness is to reward yourself for your workouts. Put a dollar or two into a jar every time you exercise and then once you have enough money saved up, treat yourself to something special like a hot-stone massage or a new workout outfit!

  1. Take Your Bike! Do you live within 4 or 5 miles of your job? If you do, why not ditch your commute and either bike or run to work? This may require some adjustments such as leaving some nice work clothes at the office to change into, or buying a backpack to carry your laptop in for example, but it’s worth the time and energy it will take to adapt to this new routine. You have to get to work anyway, so you may as well double up and knock out that workout while you’re at it!

  1. Become an Early Bird! Studies have shown that people who wake up early tend to be more productive than those who don’t. I am not suggesting that you exchange sleep for fitness (unless you are sleeping more than 7 hours each night, then you do have some time to cut into right there!), but if you schedule your days to start early and end at a reasonable time to ensure proper sleep, you are setting yourself up for greater success. I like to get my workouts in first thing in the morning so that I don’t even have to think about it for the rest of the day. My alarm goes off at 4:00am, I typically head to my computer to answer a few emails and do about an hour of work and then I hit my basement and push play on my workout DVD! If you have a hard time getting out of bed or you are tempted to push the snooze button, set the alarm on your phone and put your phone in another room so that you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. I also often sleep in my workout clothes so that it seems less “difficult” to workout since I am already dressed and ready to go!


As always, I wish you great health! I hope that starting today you will make your health and wellness a priority in your life and that you will invest in it on a regular basis!


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