Monday, May 11, 2015

9 Things You May Not Know About Me

Here are some random things that you may not know about me!  

1) I have perfect eyesight but sometimes I wear glasses! Okay…so I haven’t done this in a while but I’m thinking about buying another pair soon. Glasses are so stinkin’ CUTE, you guys! They are such a fun accessory and just because I have great eyesight doesn’t mean I should have to miss out on all of this awesomeness, right?! So there you have it…next time you see me sporting a pair of adorable eye-glasses you will know my secret ;)

2) I have lived in four different countries (10 different cities)! I grew up in Washington State, studied abroad twice living in both Mexico and Spain, became a nanny in Germany after graduating college, moved to Wisconsin where my husband grew up, and now we are planting roots in Minnesota!



Mexico (crammed on a little vw bus on my daily commute!)


3) I’m a Vegetarian! Who would have guessed that a small town country girl who use to raise pigs for slaughter, one whose name was Breakfast, would become a vegetarian?! I clearly did not grow up without eating meat, but I made the choice to become a vegetarian about a year and a half ago. This decision was the result of being introduced to some eye-opening documentaries followed by a lot of research related to the ways that our bodies operate with and without animal products. As someone whose diet was flooded with chicken on a daily basis, the transition was difficult in the first couple of months, but I have never looked back because I truly believe that I am making the healthiest choice for myself by giving up meat (and after this long, the thought of eating it is not even slightly tempting).

4) I met my husband online! We lived in separate states and “dated” over the internet/phone for about three months before meeting in person. I moved to Houston where he was living at the time, we dated for real for only four months before getting engaged, and then we were married nine months later! We’ve now been married five years and becoming his wife was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

5) We are adopting three Ethiopian Children! Fostering and adoption have long been a desire on my heart. I was a foster mom for eight months before I married Patrick and the experience was unlike anything I have ever done before-it was something so special! In December 2013 Patrick and I began the process to adopt from Africa and since the process is a long one, we are still waiting to meet and bring our kiddos home with us. We can’t wait to be their parents! 

(updated to show you their picture!  They are home with us now!!)

6) I have a super competitive nature! Sports, games, business…doesn’t matter what it is, if you put a challenge in front of me I am instantly motivated to bust my buns and pull out a win! Funny Fact: When Patrick and I were first married, we had to quit playing games together at home because we are both so competitive that every night one of us would end up going to bed angry! Thankfully we have since overcome this and we can enjoy our games, win or lose, but that competitive bone runs deep!

7) I come across as a very outgoing person, but inside I feel super shy! If we are meeting in person for the first time, odds are that I am feeling a little nervous about it! Don’t get me wrong, I really do love meeting new people, but something about it makes me feel really shy. Same thing if you put me in a room with a lot of people (especially if I don’t know a lot of them) or if I am made the center of attention within a group—it kind of makes me want to be a turtle and hide in my shell. For some crazy reason though, my personality overcomes these feelings and you would probably never realize this about me. Weird…I know…does anyone else ever feel like this?!

8) I have never broken a bone! Knock on wood, right? The thought of this kind of boggles my mind, especially considering how aggressive I use to be playing sports growing up! I have come close a couple of times (getting stepped on by a horse and ramming my shin into a steel compost machine while sledding in the dark), but my bones have held strong!

9) I am totally scared of the dark! You would think this would be something I would have grown out of by now, but…nope, still terrified! I think I must have watched too many scary movies! I have worst-case scenarios constantly flowing through my mind when I am alone in the dark (including when I am at my house alone at night)! Every tiny sound is magnified and gets my heart racing like crazy!

So there it is…9 things you may not have known about me! I would love to hear some of your quirky, unusual, or hidden qualities and life experiences—share one with me in the comments below!

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